Zombie War Idle mod apk 157 (Unlimited Money)


Zombie War Idle Defense Game is an exciting game with wars between scary zombies. In the year 2113, threats have caused people to bear the consequences of this terrible disaster. The player’s task in this game is to protect human life and bring safety to the civilization here. Moreover,
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Sep 21, 2022
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Zombie War Idle APK + MOD v130 (Unlimited Money)

INTRODUCTION of Zombie War Idle mod apk

The code is red! I repeat, the code is red Zombies are attacking and you need to mobilize all your forces and protect your shelter. This happened in the year 2113, when humanity unleashed a war and used a deadly bio-weapon that turned people into bloodthirsty monsters. Some of the resistance fighters built a shelter and went out hunting from time to time. But, unfortunately, there were more and more monsters and fewer heroes.


  • Unlimited weapon
  • Great graphic
  • Real live game play
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited alL

Game play of Zombie War Idle mod apk

These zombies are always looking for ways to attack and destroy the human habitat. As long as you forget to defend and are not alert, they will suck your blood at any time. They are fearsome people who have sucked blood and killed countless people of this land. To bring life and zombies specializing in bloodsucking. Moreover, if you do well at the assigned work, you will receive a lot of coins, diamonds, and attractive rewards from the game. They will be equipment that will help you a lot in battles.


At Zombie War Idle Defense Game, players will enjoy using a considerable treasure trove of weapons. Here, you can search and choose your favorite unique and modern weapons to serve your battle.


and direct your army to set up bases and attack anywhere quickly and avoid unintended confusion. Besides, you will have the opportunity to unlock and discover the most unique and exciting types of zombies to entertain and relax together. You need to go through many tense, attractive, and thrilling battles with hordes of zombies who destroy everything in the city to open it. Depending on the intelligence and sensitivity of each player, they will have rich and diverse ways to defeat as long as they can handle all those evil zombies.

Collect gems, gold coins

During the battle, when you destroy the enemy, you will see items drop on them. It can be gems or coins that are absolutely necessary for your upcoming battle. When you see them, collect them all. In battle, you can’t help but use gems. The purchase of items such as HP tank, running shoes, ammunition, etc All need gems to be able to own the types they need. Coins are used to buy weapons and equipment for characters. Any type is very important, so when you see gems and coins appear in


How to install

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Zombie War opens up the future of the world falling into the apocalypse. Faced with the danger of perishing before an extremely dangerous zombie epidemic You are mankind’s last hope. Try, do your best to fight. Overcoming all difficulties and challenges, smashing the

What's new

- Improves event rewards
- Fix giftcode bugs


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