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School Days mod apk " game allows you to live every day, including getting up and going to class every day. Moreover, you should also explore and interact in a city filled with things and people groups.If you want a high score and to graduate from college,
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Introduction of School Days MOD APK

The “School Days mod apk ” game allows you to live every day, including getting up and going to class every day. Moreover, you should also explore and interact in a city filled with things and people groups.If you want a high score and to graduate from college, you should choose the right answer in 10 different subjects. Every School Day there is a challenge in the lobby, where you have to answer questions to find out who is the awesome. This game also asks you to choose whether your day is filled with happiness or bitterness.

You can customize the game based on its underlying systems. You can change the entirety of the faculty and staff of a school or start with an understudy you made.This game is more alluring than ever before because of its open system, which is sure to bring players energizing and memorable encounters

Features of School Days MOD APK


Every one of the difficulties and favors you needed to do looks inconceivable, however all are simple. It presents that school life is very much like an existence of detainee. Interestingly, when you read a book, you can likewise get familiar for certain stuffs. Also, in this game, there is a generally excellent day schedule, it’s anything but like the other school games where you don’t get up in the first part of the day. at the point when you are exceptionally drained, and you simply begin to rest.

It doesn’t simply teach you, nonetheless it assists you with keeping up with the order in day by day life. It’s anything but a decent practice to turn into a decent understudy just as great instructor. You can rehearse promptness. Live school life your way. You can be the most well known individual.


For the new individuals the uplifting news is you can pick a name. you get a bistro for everything and very little awful language. there’s battling likewise on the off chance that somebody creates treachery with you or you can call for help. There is likewise an alternative of help on the off chance that you are stuck some place. This will assist you with learning and play simultaneously. In this game the included educators are not very forceful, they are amiable too that is the reason it is more agreeable game ever. In the event that you need to imagine as a young lady so you can pick her and on the off chance that you need to imagine as a kid you can pick him. It is really straightforward when you
know its setting and everything.


Every one of the characters and highlights remembered for this game are near the real world. The coordinated or happened occasions, this load of occasions look like genuine occasions. Because of this highlights individuals adore and appreciate more this game. It is so fascinating to play. The game additionally looks like genuine on the grounds that you can ride the bicycle and you can eat and rest as well. What’s more, you can purchase food or anything and all the game face is look adorable.

Gameplay of School Days MOD APK

Genuinely this game is beguiling. The interactivity idea is awesome, the workmanship style is incredible and in general helps you to remember what school ought to never turn into. This game is extraordinary on the grounds that the characters are brilliant. It’s anything but exhausting and it’s likewise acceptable in light of the fact that it’s practically instructive.

On the off chance that you are behind schedule for school and you are strolling rapidly or running, there will be educators that will advise u there is no compelling reason to come quick. However, when you enter the class a similar educator will ask you for what reason you are late, it’s’ very acceptable and fun with understudies. There are different inquiries that an instructor makes with the understudies like in schools.

how to download School Days MOD APK

  • first, click on download button
  • Next, click on the “download complete” notification
  • After that, open the file and click on “install”
  • Finally, click on “allow” when prompted to give permission for the app to access your files
  • Once the app has been installed, you can open game


Overall, this game is an excellent simulation game. It simulated almost everything that happened in high school. And that is why we said this game is fun but very hard. If you want to get a higher score and become a good student, don’t fight in front of a teacher. Is it similar to your real life?Besides, if you want to talk about sound effects, we will score this game as 8/10. But if you want to talk about graphic design, it is only 5/10. Its graphics are inferior and out of date. The hair, uniform, and clothes of the character in the game are all 2000’s style.

And don’t forget that this game is a 17+ game. Hence, in this game, you have to fight a lot; you will need to experience a kiss scene. Please don’t play this game in front of your child, and don’t let them see it.

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